Electrical & Plumbing


We’ll light up your life—or at least your home and office!  Make Pioneer Ace Hardware Albuquerque your one stop for CFL, LED and old fashioned incandescent bulbs—plus electrical cords, batteries, timers, surge suppressors, flashlights:  whew!  The list is endless. 


Then, move across the aisle and you’ll feel right at home asking plumbing questions and getting the right answers from our Helpful Hardware staff!  We’ll tell you how to fix your toilets, change air filters or work on projects using all those little pieces of pipe.  With over 250 years of ACE hardware experience, we can talk some electricity and plumbing!



Quality name at a quality store: Let the folks at ACE help you choose the right filters for your home!

Standard batteries for every project, specialty batteries for specific uses—have a question: just Ask ACE!

Light bulbs galore is what you’ll find at your ACE store: and if you don’t see it on the shelf, let us know and we’ll find it for you!